Horizontal roller grader

The Cabinplant horizontal roller grader is designed for size grading raw cold water shrimp. It is used to pre-grade the shrimps into two or three sizes in order to facilitate the determination of cooking time.

The grader consists of two through-going screws with increasing pitch (helix), one on each side. Horizontal stainless steel rollers are mounted between the two screws and connected by a stainless steel chain on each side. The rotating rollers gently transport and grade the product as the space between the rollers progressively increases.


Product damage

Gentle handling and transport means almost no product damage


The axial roller grader is designed to grade products in up to three different sizes

Years of experience

We have a proven track record and almost 50 years of industry know-how


The grader is fitted with two longitudinally adjustable chutes placed below the rollers to collect and discharge graded product onto conveyor belts. These chutes are used to determine the proportion between the two sizesthey can be adjusted +/- 100 mm.

  • Gentle handling and transport of product
  • Grading of up to three sizes
  • Hygienic design
  • Depending on type of product
  • Warm & cold-water shrimp, raw or IQF (headless, head-on, shell-on, shell-off, etc.) Pelagic fish types, e.g. herring, mackerel, sardines, etc.

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