Gilling machine

Our gilling machine is designed to remove the gills from herring prior to their storage/marinating in barrels and subsequent consumption To ensure the correct cut, the positioning of gills is controlled by vision technology. The gills are cut loose and removed by means of vacuum. Part of the guts can also be removed in this process.  

After gilling, the fish is graded into seven sizes already determined by the vision system prior to gilling. Undersized herrings are discharged before entering the cutting system.



Depending on the feeding accuracy the capacity may be as high as 270 fish/min


An integrated vision system determines the position of the gills and the size of the fish to optimize precision


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Cabinplant can provide complete herring processing lines with capacities up to 70-80 tons per hour. The gilling machine consists of:

  • Conveyor belt with specially designed plastic pockets in which the fish is placed
  • Manual infeed section with platform and accumulation tray
  • Vision system to determine the position of the gills and the size of the fish
  • Reject system for undersized fish
  • Cutting/drilling and vacuum system to remove the gills
  • Distribution system for seven grades

The gilling machine can be manually fed by up to 3 operators, or automatically by a Swede Fish AP12 feeder.

  • High capacity
  • Integrated sorting
  • Optional reject of foreign species
  • High-quality treated product
  • Low expenditure
  • Food-grade materials
  • 270 fish/min
  • Herring

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