Flow separator

The Cabinplant flow separator is designed to separate light particles from heavier particles, e.g. leaves, sticks etc. from fruit and vegetables or shells from mechanically peeled cold water shrimp. The principle is to create an airflow powerful enough to blow the light particles away and keep the heavier parts in the main flow.

Thanks to the unique design our flow separator works perfectly with dry as well as wet product. The fully adjustable air flow separates impurities from the product. Waste is collected in a screw conveyer and discharged to one side of the flow separator.

The flow separator for vegetables is equipped with:

  • Axial fan
  • Safety guard in front of the fan
  • Air duct, to control and guide the air flow, mounted with inspection traps
  • Air hood, on top of the air duct, where foreign matters are collected
  • Small screw conveyor integrated in the air hood to remove foreign matters from the air hood.

The flow separator for shrimp is equipped with:

  • Modular plastic belt
  • Plastic side guide
  • Drip pan under belt
  • Blower, diameter 800 mm, which can be raised vertically during cleaning
  • Mechanical chute for pulsation of air during cleaning
  • Cabinet with large inspection doors for optimal access and with vertical sides preventing shell pieces from sticking inside the cabinet
  • Filter belt
  • Washing nozzles for filter belt incl. magnet valve.
  • Efficient separating of for instance leaves, sticks from vegetables and shells from cold water shrimp
  • Long operating hours between cleaning
  • Works with dry and wet product without loss of capacity
  • Vegetables - from 4 t/h to 30 t/h (based on peas)
  • Cold water shrimp - up to 1600 kg/h
  • tekst


  • Peas, green beans and other small sized products

Fish & Seafood

  • Cold water shrimp

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