Industrial rice cooker

Compact solution for

the processing of rice


Our rice cooker/coolers are known for the perfect cooking results thanks to the use of special piping systems resulting in perfect distribution of cooking and cooling water onto the product. Low water consumption and high cooking yield are also essential benefits of using the Cabinplant rice cooker/coolers.

Improved quality of your rice

Rice cooker/cooler above is designed for 2 t/h of finished cooked and chilled rice. With a belt width of 2,000 mm and a cooking time of approx. 16 min., the weight gain is approx. 235%. If the rice is soaked prior cooking, a weight gain of up to approx. 265% is possible. The machine is shown with a top-lift system for easy access during cleaning.

Industrial rice cooker and cooler
  • Low risk of product contamination
  • No product damage
  • High yield
  • Uniform cooking
  • Equipped with magnet to remove metal from product
  • Low water consumption
  • Custom-made design
  • Hygienic design
  • Easy cleaning/inspection access thanks to top lift
  • Dust sieve removes bits and pieces
  • From 500 kg
  • Batch size from 2-30 kg
  • High degree of flexibility in blanching time and temperature
  • Multi-stage counter-flow water circulation
  • Top lift - raisable cover section

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