Complete processing line for herrings

Cabinplant provides complete solutions for the seafood industry. In addition to a thorough knowledge of processing lines, our expertise covers building layouts, equipment set-up, electrical installations, hardware and software - virtually any area that has bearing on the success of your seafood operation.



Our complete herring processing lines processes up to 70-80 tons per hour.




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Cabinplant provides complete herring processing lines with capacities up to 70-80 tons per hour. These include total solutions for packing of whole, round fish in plastic containers, as well as complete systems for handling of fillets - fresh or cured. In addition we provide complete lines for processing of matje herring.

Cabinplant's solutions for herring include:

  • Receipt of fish in bulk direct from the ship
  • Weighing of incoming fish
  • Grading in up to five different sizes
  • Distribution of fish to filleting machines
  • Gilling of herring (for matje herring)
  • Dry feeding systems for filleting machines
  • Vision systems for filleting machines
  • Transport systems for collection of cut fillets
  • Systems for salting of fillets in barrels and vessels
  • Curing of fillets in barrels and vessels using a stirring unit or a rolling system for barrels
  • Packing systems for fillets and whole, round fish in barrels, boxes, trays etc. using batch weighing and multihead weighing
  • Handling of waste


  • Reduced need for manpower
  • Increased yield due to optimum salting/curing
  • Gentle treatment of raw material
  • Hygienic design
  • Fully automatic and continuous process
  • Full flexibility and traceability
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Up to 80 tons per hour
  • Herring

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