Complete processing line for cold-water shrimp

Cold water shrimp are much smaller than their tropical cousins, and are generally considered more flavourful than warm water varieties. We provide complete lines for the processing of cold water shrimp with a wide range of capacities.

are performed in the pick-and-place operation during which a robot transfers individual products from a feeding conveyor into the package..


Product damage

Gentle handling means a close-to-zero product damage

Less manpower

Removal of the roe is done automatically which results in less manual work and thereby lower labour cost

Hour availability

Our technical support specialists are ready to consult with you on questions of functionality and the application of our equipment and systems.


We can help you make the right choice and manufacture a processing line to suit your requirements. All our processing lines are assembled and tested in our factory prior to delivery.

A typical processing line comprises:

  • Reception of raw material, either blockfrozen or fresh in boxes covered with ice
  • Frozen blocks are thawed, fresh product is de-iced.
  • Grading, typically into three sizes
  • Mixing with a special salt brine followed by cold storage (maturing to ease automatic removal of shells)
  • Emptying into a bulk feeder, storage vessels are washed.
  • Cooking
  • Chilling by means of water prior to distribution to peeling machines. Infeed is controlled by a batch weighing unit.
  • Cleaning by means of flow separators, scanners, manual inspection etc. 
  • Freezing 
  • Grading, typically into five sizes to optimise glazing 
  • Glazing 
  • "Hardening" to secure the glaze
  • After-freezing
  • Weighing and bulk packing (bags or carton boxes) or retail packaging, e.g. bags, buckets etc.
  • High yield
  • Modular construction
  • Gentle handling of product
  • Few operators
  • Hygienic design
  • Integrated cooking and cooling
  • High capacity
  • 6500 kg/h
  • Cold-water shrimp

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