Blancher – IBC-BAC

With the development of our unique integrated blanching/cooling system, which has been an international success ever since its appearance in 1981, Cabinplant has solved the problems with waste. Not only have we set new standards for product quality, but we have also managed to reduce water and energy consumption to an absolute minimum.

The IBC-BAC/W blancher/cooler is a specially designed compact blancher with low water consumption for large capacities ranging from 8 to 20 t/h of peas for instance.



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The BAC type blancher/cooler is the most cost-effective blancher in terms of water consumption and cooling is done by means of evaporation or a combination of evaporation and the use of chilled water. The IBC BAC type is an integrated blancher/ cooler.


The basic version consists of:

  • Infeed section through which product is fed and distributed on the blanching belt.
  • Blanching section where product heating takes place by spraying the product with re-circulated steam-heated water.
  • Air cooling section in which the product is cooled by air.


Optionally, a final RSW (re-circulated chilled water) cooling section for a product discharge temperature of approx. 10O C can be added. 

  • Low risk of product contamination
  • No product damage
  • High yield
  • Uniform blanching
  • Low water consumption
  • Custom-made design
  • Hygienic design
  • RSW system add-on possible
  • Up to 20,000 kg/hour (green peas)
  • All types of vegetables (exclusive of leafy products, e.g. spinach

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