Belt Thawing - submersion

Cabinplant can provide a continuous thawing unit using submersion for automatic defrosting of IQF products, such as shrimp (cold and warm water), lobster, etc. The product is submerged in a water bath and thawed by means of recirculated water. The thawed product falls off the block and sinks to the bottom where a water flume conveys it to the discharge elevator. On the discharge elevator the product is separated from the water and discharged onto an inspection conveyor or similar equipment.


Kg product output

Efficient thawing of up to 1200 kg per hour

Product damage

Thaw your products as if they have never been frozen


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The product is submerged into a water bath and defrosted during conveyance. A flume cascading water across the entire thawing belt secures product defrosting in counterflow during conveyance. This way the hottest water reaches the coldest product at the infeed end, and the temperature at the discharge end is kept as low as possible. 

The unit consists of:

  • Modular plastic belt
  • Accumulation vessel for thawing water
  • Water distribution system
  • Rapid thawing time
  • Low investment
  • Continuous thawing, even of block-frozen products
  • Low product temperature at outlet
  • 600-1200 kg/h
  • Block-frozen products: Whole, small fish and/or deheaded fish.
  • IQF products: Shrimp, Lobster

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