Belt Thawing - spray

Cabinplant can provide a thawing unit using water spray for continuous thawing of block frozen products, such as cold water shrimp, herring, mackerel, etc. Thawing time is short and water consumption is low compared to other solutions. The unit operates with a first-in/first-out effect, the outermost product detaching and leaving the unit first, even though the core remains frozen.



Thawing time may be as low as 20 minutes

Product damage

Thaw your products as if they have never been frozen


We have a proven track record of supplying the fish industry


Thawing is with warm water (heated by steam), which is accumulated in the underlying vessel for recirculation. From the vessel the water is pumped to a specially designed distribution tray, which secures a perfect and uniform water film over the blocks.

The blocks are placed manually in a vertical position in the infeed section of the thawing unit.

  • Automatic thawing and separation of product during conveyance
  • Automatic collection on separate conveyor and discharge to accumulation conveyor
  • Automatic temperature control of thawing water
  • Low water consumption
  • Short thawing time
  • Continuous thawing of block-frozen products
  • The thawing system is available in various sizes, depending on product type and required capacity.
  • Block-frozen products: Whole fish, shellfish, fillets, meat
  • IQF products: Shellfish

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