Belt Thawing - air

Cabinplant provides a belt thawing unit using temperate air for continuous defrosting of various types of IQF frozen products, such as shrimp (both cold and warm water), vegetables, etc.  Capacities are up to 5 t/h, depending on kg/m³, layer thickness and belt speed.


Higher yield

Up to 4 % higher yield due to reduced drip loss

5 t/h
High output

Thawing of up to 5 tonnes of product per hour

Product damage

Thaw your products as if they have never been frozen


The product is placed in an even layer on the belt and conveyed through the zones of the thawing unit, where fans direct a tempered air flow through belt/product. To prevent product dehydration the air is kept saturated through constant injection of water particles straight into the air flow. A thin film is formed on the product surface to protect and maintain quality. Each thawing zone of the machine incorporates separate temperature sensors and heat control. The belt speed is adjustable.

The unit consists of:

  • Fans for air circulation 
  • Belt for product conveyance
  • Nozzle system to ensure constant air moistening. Water is supplied direct from water main.
  • CIP system with rotating nozzles to minimize bacteriological problems
  • Large inspection hatches for optimum access to thawing zones (inspection and cleaning)
  • Continuous belt cleaning system(optional)


  • Higher yield due to reduced drip loss
  • Minimum water consumption
  • Shorter thawing time
  • Improved product quality, as no mechanical product handling or wash-out of nutrients occur
  • Improved hygiene with reduced risk of acute, uncontrollable bacteriological problems, as the product is segregated.
  • Up to 5 t/h, depending on kg/m³, layer thickness and belt speed
  • Block-frozen products: Whole, small fish and/or deheaded fish
  • IQF products: Fish, Shrimp, Meat, Vegetables, Fruit and berries

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