Bean cluster cutter

The cluster cutter is used to de-cluster mechanically harvested green beans.

The cluster cutter consists of a large drum which consists of plastic segments mounted in rings, between which eccentric steel plates are mounted in such way that they form a spiral winding. All is mounted together by means of bolt.



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The bean stems are caught in the punched out grooves in the eccentric steel plates. Then the bean stems will be lifted up (by means of the rotation of the drum) to a shaft mounted with cutting wheels, which are running on both sides of the eccentric steel plates, and thereby the stems will be cut off of the branches.

A smaller drum is mounted in the middle of the drum. This has the effect that the beans are lead – as much as possible – to the opposite side of the direction of rotation and thereby the bean stems get in contact with as much of the surface of the drum as possible.

  • Excellent separation of clusters
  • No blocking
  • Automatic level control
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Exchangeable pins and pin patten
  • 5-10 t/h, depending on width and the product quality and size
  • Green beans (round or flat)

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