Weighing and batching at its best


Batching of large portions has traditionally been associated with a high tolerance and thereby a large give-away.

Cabinplant recognized this problem with it’s customers and decided to rethink the batching process. The result being the Cabinplant Multibatcher, one of the world’s most efficient and innovative weighing and batching solutions for box packing.


Combinatorial weighing and less giveaway

The Cabinplant Multibatcher is the first batcher based on combinatorial weighing. Compared to other, conventional batch systems, the fully automatic Multibatcher performs accurate combinatorial weighing at high speed and can handle large portion sizes of products. The raw material is first weighed into partial portions, which are then combinatorily selected to create the optimum batch weight. The principle of combinatorial weighing, also known from Cabinplant’s successful Multihead Weigher, results in higher accuracy amd thereby less give-away.


The Multibatcher can process up to 20 batches per minute (depending on the product or portion size) ensuring automatic, consistent and reliable handling of raw material. The solution is tailor-made and can be fitted into existing packing lines or used as a stand-alone unit, ensuring full flexibility for producers. The Cabinplant Multibatcher is suitable for all kinds of small or large products, including meat, poultry and fish products.