Marinating made flexible and less messy


Consumers are increasingly requesting a fresh and varied selection of products. This demand requires producers to have a flexible production setup, enabling production in small batches and with frequent shifts of marinades.

Traditionally, the marinating of poultry products has been messy across the whole production line, resulting in much time spent cleaning equipment. With the Cabinplant marinating system, the whole process has been rethought, as the marinating is done after the portion weighing. The marinade is added to the meat in a special mixing-tool just before the meat is dropped into the tray, ensuring that only the tool and dispenser need cleaning, allowing much more frequent changes of marinades.


Quickly and gently

With the Cabinplant marinating system, the change-over time is down to less than 20 minutes and the cleaning time is reduced with up to 80 percent, ensuring great flexibility in the production. Furthermore, the meat is treated far more gently, as it is marinated in smaller batches, and not, as traditionally, in a large drum with a significant larger quantity.


The Cabinplant marinating system is placed in line with the packing line and after weighing the products are packed in trays or thermopack. The solution can be used for both meat and poultry. A patent has been applied for the system and it can be combined with Cabinplant’s multihead weigher.