Cabinplant introduces the forced steam Blancher


The forced steam blancher is a new and unique solution from Cabinplant, focusing on the blanching and delicate handling of fruit and vegetables.

The forced steam principle, where steam is circulated, ensures a highly uniform blanching of fruit and vegetables, without washing out taste and nutrients. At the same time it reduces steam consumption by 40-50%. Further, the solution offers food-manufacturers full flexibility as it is capable of blanching with both forced steam and the traditional sprinkling with hot water.


Flexibility of different methods

When blanching fruit and vegetables, it is important that it is done both quickly and carefully in order to retain most of the nutrients and taste in the products. This has traditionally been done by sprinkling hot water onto the products. However, this method may present some drawbacks, such as washing out the taste or changing the texture of the products. The forced steam principle however, creates a number of quality advantages, and the blanching takes place more quickly because the steam is forced down through the layer of products, which also increases capacity.

Some manufacturers are, however, still asking for the option to blanch using hot water. With Cabinplant’s new forced steam blancher, the choice of method lies with the customer.


Quick ROI

Calculations show that a Cabinplant forced steam blancher provides significant financial benefits due to the lower steam consumption. In a specific calculation made on the basis of blanching 12 tons of peas per hour, the savings, on a monthly basis would be EUR 29,280 for production of 16 hours a day for 30 days, resulting in a quick ROI.