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Proven performance in poultry packaging

Quality, security and efficiency have top priority at the German company Emsland Frischgeflügel GmbH in Haren Hüntel. As one of the largest producers of poultry in Europe Emsland manufactures a wide range of fixed weight poultry packagings.

Emsland Frischgeflügel is an innovative and vertically integrated company. From the chicken over the chicken feed to the end product in the tray – Emsland takes 100% responsibility.

At the beginning of 2013, Emsland / Cellerland invested in 3 new 24-head Cabinplant screw feeding multihead weighers with sensor gates.



Automatic weighing of poultry – minute steaks has always seemed impossible - until now.

Emsland contacted Cabinplant and inquired about an automatic solution. Cabinplant had successfully developed a complete novel innovation – a multihead weigher with screw feeding. Conveying product to the weighing pans was now carried out by means of screws instead of the traditional vibration chutes.


After intensive tests, Emsland purchased the first of ten Cabinplant multihead weighers.

The demands from the large supermarket chains on the manufacturers of poultry have increased over the years, and as a consequence Emsland purchased three additional 14-head multihead weighers for poultry pieces such as drumsticks, whole legs, tenderloins, wings and also breast fillets cut in strips.



The 4. generation screw feeding multihead weighers with sensor gates is designed for extremely sticky natural products with few pieces in each portion. The screw feeding multihead weigher was further developed and improved through a success-oriented and performance-oriented co-operation between Emsland and Cabinplant.


The key factor for increasing the accuracy of the multihead weighers is the distribution of the products. The technical solution is the complete new feature Sensor gate installed at the outlet of the screws. Through continuous optimization a totally new 4. generation of multihead weighers was developed. Cabinplant has installed several screw feeding multihead weigher at Emsland Frischgeflügel.  


"The screw feeding multihead weigher with sensor gates from Cabinplant is the most efficient way to weigh and to portion these products automatically"
says Richard Wenneker, Plant Manager at Emsland


  • Infeed by means of screws
  • Sensor gates
  • Gentle product handling
  • Give-away reduced to a minimum
  • Easy cleaning
  • Internet service
  • Weighing pans for extremely sticky products

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