Multihead weighing – now of fresh fish as well

Aker Seafoods Denmark, part of the Norwegian group Aker Seafoods ASA, is an innovative and quality-minded manufacturer of fresh and frozen fish products. One of the company’s objectives is to continuously look for new production methods to further streamline and optimize their production processes. For a number of years, Aker Seafoods Denmark was on the look-out for a multihead weigher to weigh fresh fillets, such as plaice, dab, cod, haddock and saithe as well as salmon steaks.

“When we heard that Cabinplant had developed a screw feeding multihead weigher and sold it to a customer in the poultry industry, we were eager to try this solution”, says production manager Klaus Wraa. “So we brought a number of different fish products to Cabinplant and tested them in cooperation with the technical people from Cabinplant. The results were very positive, and we soon decided to order two complete lines.”

The lines can handle different capacities from 200-900 g and consist of infeed, weighing, distribution tool, dispenser for tray pads and a thermoforming machine. In addition, one of the lines includes a piston filler for marinade, and another line incorporates a built-in screw dosing unit for dry spices.

“When the barbeque season starts, our salmon steaks with marinade are a popular choice amongst the consumers”, says Klaus Wraa. “Previously we applied the marinade in a drum, which resulted in thorough cleaning. But with the piston filler, all we have to do is change the marinade in the filler, and we are ready to pack salmon steaks with a different flavour. The new lines from Cabinplant have made it possible for us to use multihead weighing for our fresh fish fillets, resulting in a considerable reduction of giveaway. The new lines have definitely helped to streamline and optimise our production process”.

If you want to see more information about our Multihead weigher type SF click here.

  • No give-away
  • Specially adapted product contact materials
  • Minimum noise level
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Easy cleaning
  • Wireless operator panel

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