Muesli the smart way

At least, that’s what Cabinplant did when Swedish muesli producer Frebaco contacted us with a very specific request. “We had not had any dealings with the cereal industry before, but Frebaco came to us with an exciting challenge, so of course we accepted,” explains Mogens Kielsgaard, who is responsible for the Nordic market at Cabinplant.


Mixed muesli please!

Frebaco supplies muesli to the Swedish retail trade and the Swedes wanted to optimise the mixing process. A dosing machine needed to be developed for handling 9-10 different ingredients and at the same time the machine had to be able to transport the finished batch from the ground floor straight up to the 4th floor. Frebaco had researched the market before contacting Cabinplant, but had not been

able to find a supplier who could help them. ”Mixing muesli is in principle the same as mixing vegetables and that is something we know all about. There challenge was that some of the ingredients, such as the raisins, stick together, and here we chose to roll them, just as the fishing industry does with prawns,” says Mogens Kielsgaard, who fortunately was able to draw on many years of experience when it came to developing the solution.


Highly effective tailored solution

Frebaco and Cabinplant collaborated closely and the Swedish company was continuously involved throughout the development process. The machine was constructed, assembled and tested in Haarby and then sent to Sweden for installation. Today the machine is operated by just one or two staff members, who simply enter an item number on the machine. Preset recipes then make sure that the muesli is mixed correctly. Production is automated from this point onward. The solution has resulted in a marked change in Frebaco’s

processes. Previously, the mixing of the ingredients was subcontracted. Now everything is done according to the just-in-time principle at the company’s factory. And the Swedes? They now get just the right mix of muesli on their breakfast table and, as a bonus, the finished product now also looks a lot nicer, thanks to a much more careful handling.

  • Excellent weighing accuracy
  • No give-away when handling small negative tolerances
  • Minimum noise level
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Easy cleaning
  • Wireless operator panel
  • Dismantling without tools
  • Retrofit to existing lines
  • Fast return on investment

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