Matching market needs in the fish industry


In Denmark, the fishing industry has developed rapidly over the past many years and is today a modern and high-technology industry. This has become necessary at a time where fishing quotas are reduced and the fishing season is shortened. Today’s fishing boats hold considerably larger cargos and the time left to unload is reduced as the boats are eager to get back to sea. These factors put increased pressure not only on the fishing industry, but also on the fish processors, to optimize their work flow in order to handle more fish within a shorter period of time.

To meet these market challenges, two of the main Danish pelagic processors, Havfisk Skagen A/S and P. Anthonisen A/S, decided in 2006 to merge their activities and build one of Denmark’s largest and most modern pelagic processing companies, Pelagic Skagen A/S. Pelagic Skagen was inaugurated in July 2007.

“The successful merge of Havfisk Skagen and P. Anthonisen has been a huge challenge” says managing director of Pelagic Skagen, Dieter Fehsenfeld. “We needed to be sure that the new factory included the most modern processing technology, and that the transfer was smooth with no loss of valuable production time. Both companies have previously worked with Cabinplant, and we were in no doubt that they were the right partner to perform the task.”

The task included moving existing equipment from both companies and customising it to fit into the new factory. All other necessary equipment was supplied in order to process the fish from the point where it enters the factory from the boats until it is packed and ready for delivery. On top of that it was necessary to take into account that production could not be shut down during the transfer.

“Pelagic Skagen now has a state-of-the-art production facility, where we have been able to increase our yield and ensure a continuous high product quality” says Dieter Fehsenfeld. “Cabinplant’s know-how and dedication has helped us achieve this result, and the establishment of our new facilities has been a success from a technical as well as from a logistics point of view.”

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