Cabinplant reduces give-away with new, innovative solution

Many of Germany’s poultry producers have already seen the light! They have implemented Cabinplant’s Screw Feeding Multihead Weigher with sensor gates in their production – with great success. Sensor gates help to ensure much more efficient weighing and portioning of raw materials, saving on give-away, and are the latest feature on Cabinplant’s patented Screw Feeding Multihead Weigher.


The challenge

Until now, poultry producers and producers of fresh products have faced a challenge when weighing portions of just a few pieces (2-5).


The solution

Cabinplant focused on this very problem. With the clear aim of improving weighing, Cabinplant developed and fitted sensors to the Screw Feeding Multihead Weigher. In other words, sensor gates are an add-on to an existing machine, which has been well-known on the market for many years. The new feature enables producers to minimise the number of duplicates in the individual weighing pans and so obtain the ideal conditions for combining the individual pieces into a final portion, with a minimum of give-away.


The development process for sensor gates was carried out in close cooperation with customers. Cabinplant held workshops attended by customers and a range of tests were carried out using chicken fillets, for example. It was already clear in the initial stages that the new sensor gates would be incredibly important for customers’ production processes. 

With its new revolutionary technology, Cabinplant’s Screw Feeding Multihead Weigher is the best and fastest way of obtaining exact portions. The most recent test of sensor gates showed a significant reduction in give-away. This unique solution will help to position Cabinplant as the leading developer and producer of  multihead weighing machines for the food industry.


  • Reduces the number of empty weighing pans, creating higher capacity
  • Reduces the number of duplicates and triplicates, creating higher capacity and greater accuracy
  • The core (patented) reduces the number of pieces in the screw, creating higher capacity
  • All of this will reduce give-away to an absolute minimum

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