A three-in-one innovation

The production of sardines in can has traditionally consisted of three stages. The sardines are sorted according to size in one machine. The head and tail are removed and the entrails sucked out in another. Finally, the sardines are packed by hand. This process is now a thing of the past. Cabinplant’s new robot trimming and packing line has converted these three stages into one continuous process at one stroke.


Sardines à la Cabinplant

Cabinplant has developed a solution that reduces the labour and time required in production, but how does it actually work? The sardines are placed on a conveyor and pass under a camera that photographs each individual fish. A powerful processor calculates where to cut each sardine and calculates the area of the piece that is to go in the can. A cutting edge and vacuum suction remove the head, tail and entrails, so that only the section for packing remains. Based on their weight, the sardines are now sorted by size and matched up so that the desired total weight of the can is achieved as precisely as possible, while at the same time the sardines are  easier to pack and look nicer. The sardines are packed in can in the traditional crossways manner. All in one process.


Intensive cooperation with customers

The new line is in many ways very much in line with how Cabinplant develops new products. This too is a tailored solution, which has been developed in close cooperation with Greek producer North Aegean Sea Canneries. Cabinplant began development three years ago in close cooperation with the customer, who also helped with co-financing. First came a prototype that had one camera and one robot. The prototype was thoroughly tested by North Aegean Sea Canneries and was subsequently developed to include seven robots and a camera for the Greek customer.


“Our cooperation with Cabinplant has been dynamic, professional and highly effective. They understood our business and our requirements and we got the tailored solution we needed. We expect that this solution will have a very positive effect on the way in which we process sardines in the future. For the benefit of everyone at the company” says Nakis Georgiadis, General Manager, North Aegean Sea Canneries.

  • All-in-one process
  • Space saving
  • Better yield
  • Less labor cost
  • Easy to clean
  • Full tracking of raw materials and finished products

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