A green solution for green-lipped mussels

NIMPL is a consortium of mussel processors and in 2006 the management wanted to expand its production facilities on the North Island. The company’s managing director was previously acquainted with Cabinplant and knew that the Danish company would be able to take on the job. The job in question was, quite specifically, the development of a pre-cooker for the green-lipped mussels and a combined cooker and cooler.


The solution had to be environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and suitable for the factory’s processing of green-lipped mussels. It was important for NIMPL that all bacteriological requirements and thresholds were complied with. NIMPL was looking for the latest technology, while also being interested in a solution that could ensure greater uniformity in cooking, as they had themselves developed a machine that would remove half of the mussel shell. Cabinplant, as so often in the past, was to redevelop this process. After quite a long time spent on process descriptions, dimensioning and testing, the final solution was produced and installed in New Zealand.

  • Higher yield
  • Improved product quality
  • Gentle handling of product
  • No transition between cooker and cooler
  • Gentle spraying during cooking and cooling
  • Full control of cooking time
  • Energy-saving with heat recovery system using warm cooling water for preheating
  • Reduced water consumption 
  • Easy cleaning access - open design
  • Anti-clogging system - continuous filtration prevents clogging of pumps
  • Compact design with thick product layer


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