Handling meat and poultry isn’t easy.
Challenge accepted!  

Our Meat and Poultry processing equipment helps with that challenge.


Achieving high yields from fresh and sticky products, like marinated meat and poultry, poses a particularly tough processing challenge. Fortunately, we love challenges!


The trend towards packing of fresh and frozen meat to fixed weight continues. Supermarket chains are focusing on reduced waste and optimized inventory control, and fixed weight trays contribute considerably to this. As a result, the meat processing industry needs to look for ways to reduce give-away, cut costs, and increase efficiency in order to remain competitive.


Our customized weighing, filling and packing solutions provide accurate portion weighing, which results in increased capacity, reduced giveaway, and significantly increased yields.


Exploiting potential through precision

With meat and poultry, success is in the detail

With industry know-how drawn from almost 50 years of experience, we are experts when it comes to delivering meat and poultry processing solutions that help you increase reliability, reduce downtime, lower operating costs, minimize give-away and thus stay competitive.

We design, supply, manufacture, and install weighing and packing lines for many different meat and poultry products. Our customized weighing and packing solutions – including our patented screw feeding multihead weigher – provide you with a number of benefits, including:

  • Reduced giveaway
  • Accurate portion weighing
  • Increased capacity

Tailor-made weighing solutions for poultry, pork and beef


We provide tailor-made solutions for multihead weighing and packing of meat and poultry products such as:


  • Fresh and sticky poultry products, including chicken fillets, chicken drumsticks and chicken leg quarters.


  • Fresh and sticky pork and beef products, including cubes, chops and sticks . . . and many more.

PS: We also provide solutions for thawing of block-frozen and IQF products.


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