Improving your bottom line processing fruits and vegetables

The delicate nature of most fruits and vegetables requires gentle processing in order to maintain their important nutritional properties and great taste. Our processing and packaging equipment will help your business with that.  


Our equipment sorts, grades, washes, cooks, blanches, mixes, weighs and packs all types of fruits and vegetables. By focusing on gentle product treatment, we ensure high quality in the final product. 


Our past is your future

Benefit from 50 years of processing experience

We help you exploit your full business potential. Our industry know-how enables us to provide industry-leading solutions for efficient processing of all kinds of fruits and vegetables in the market.



  • High and uniform product quality (gentle product treatment and high nutritional value)
  • Low risk of product contamination (practically no manual handling)
  • Energy-saving processing (reduced production costs on steam and water)
  • Cost savings through improved yield
  • Compact equipment/small footprint in your production
  • Extended season/all-year-round production

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Tailor-made energy-saving processing solutions for fruits and vegetables

Our solutions for fruit and vegetable processing are designed to get the most out of your raw material and optimize your production line. We offer state-of-the-art solutions for every step in the production line, including: Emptying of storage containers,

washing of fresh fruits and vegetables, freezing, separation of IQF fruits and berries, destemming and removal of leaves and twigs, color sorting, inspection, weighing of single product or product mixes, metal detection and checkweighing, filling into bags, packaging etc.

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